Adoption And Special Education

Assisting Families Seeking To Adopt

Though the beginnings of our law firm are founded in assisting entrepreneurs and businesses, the lawyers of A Business Law Firm, LLC, also hold a passion for assisting families who are seeking to adopt. The decision to adopt a child or children is an exciting and life-changing decision. At A Business Law Firm, LLC, we understand that many families view the adoption process as daunting or burdensome, thus our attorneys seek to seamlessly guide families through the meticulous adoption process. We believe that adoption should be a smooth and joyous beginning for a family, and we at A Business Law Firm, LLC, aim to ensure families are able to begin a new life together with their adoptive child with ease.

Helping Parents Ensure A Free And Appropriate Public Education

Unfortunately, more often than not, parents of children with disabilities are unaware of their or their child's rights under federal law. Our attorneys understand that it is difficult for these parents to ensure that their child is receiving the educational opportunities and services they deserve. We assist parents and children with disabilities in ensuring their rights are protected and enforced. Whether your child needs to revise his or her Individualized Education Plan, requires additional or particular services, or needs assistance in hearings before school officials, we at A Business Law Firm, LLC, can help you. Our attorneys have experience in working with school districts and are eager to help you get your child on the right track.

How To Reach Us

Contact A Business Law Firm, LLC, in Spartanburg, to schedule a consultation with a South Carolina lawyer regarding your adoption of special education needs. Call our law office at 864-308-2486.