Sophisticated Counsel For Business Formation And Entity Selection

Business formation is a practice area that covers a broad range of legal topics. There are nuances to the law that even an experienced, well-educated business professional might not understand. Unfortunately, many people think they have a clear understanding of their legal challenges — but they simply don't know everything to look out for. An experienced business law attorney can clearly explain the legal challenges and what needs to be done in the present to prevent future problems.

At A Business Law Firm, LLC, we are proud of the fact that not only do we provide exceptional legal service for our clients, but also strive to build long-lasting relationships with them. In this way, business formation is a crucial aspect of our practice. By working with our clients from the very inception of their business, we are in position to help them tackle any legal challenge that comes up during the life of that business.

The Importance Of Selecting The Right Entity

When developing a new business, a critical factor is entity selection. Our legal team will gather as much information about your goals for the new company as possible. We will provide you with your options in terms of future growth potential, liability and tax implications.

From a sole proprietorship or general partnership to a limited liability partnership (LLP) to a limited liability company (LLC), our firm has the experience necessary to provide clear guidance regarding the advantages and disadvantages of your various options. With our legal experience and business knowledge, we can properly advise our clients on topics such as personal liability tolerance, exit strategies and succession planning.

The Business Formation Services We Provide

With an office in Spartanburg, we are prepared to help clients in communities throughout South and North Carolina with numerous business formation and development matters beyond entity formation, including:

  • Business incentive guidance
  • Drafting operational documents
  • Drafting employee contracts
  • Drafting noncompete or nondisclosure agreements
  • Risk management
  • Contract drafting and review

While these topics generally impact the early stages of an organization, we are also comfortable representing clients as the business develops over the years. By providing an Annual Business Checkup, our lawyers can work through issues such as:

Putting Experience On Your Side

It is our goal to build a strong working relationship, whereby our business clients can come to us with any concerns relating to the growth or protection of their organization. Since 1994, our attorneys have provided exceptional personal service and individual attention to clients across the Carolinas. When you have a legal concern, we invite you to schedule an appointment with attorneys Thomas A. Belenchia or Chelsea Raegan Rikard by calling 864-308-2486 or emailing our firm.

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