Tackling Your International Business Needs

International business law can be a complex practice area. For less experienced attorneys, the prospect of protecting clients' business interests globally can be overwhelming. We have represented clients from more than 50 other countries since our firm was founded in 1994. We have the experience, legal knowledge and tenacity you need on your side.

A Business Law Firm, LLC, is one of the few law firms that has accepted the challenge that is international business. Over the years, we have helped both U.S. and foreign-based companies with licensing, contracts, compliance with U.S. law, collections, import/export assistance and foreign trade zone (FTZ) matters. We can also represent clients in coordinating visa assistance and immigration matters.

Prepared To Help Entrepreneurial Business Owners

While our office is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, we are prepared to help foreign businesses that are facing a wide range of legal issues. In fact, since our firm's inception, we have helped clients from more than 50 countries across the globe. Call or email our firm if you have questions on topics such as:

  • Licensing
  • Contracts
  • Compliance with U.S. law
  • Collections
  • Foreign trade zone (FTZ)
  • Import and export assistance
  • Corporate finance
  • Industrial revenue bonds
  • Business plan preparation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Visa and immigration support

Economic Development Support

Our client base is entrepreneur-focused. Growth comes with success and may include additional space, equipment and personnel. Most entrepreneurs are not aware they may qualify for incentives as a reward for expansion. This is a reason we host an annual review of progress (Annual Business Checkup) to project future requirements and identify planning that can add value to their business. Real estate is often a key asset to the owner both in the operation of their business as well as in succession or estate planning. We have internal support to enhance the value of your real property.

Some of the benefits we offer are:

  • Energy efficiency upgrades along with qualifying tax credits integrating the technologies we track that a typical business owner may not
  • Corporate finance options to meet present and future cash flow demands
  • Corporate training grants with customized training for expanding business
  • Research and development support consistent with changing technologies
  • Tax abatements and review of property taxes to maintain accuracy
  • Supporting your expansion to new locations — domestic or international

The more we know about your business, how it links to other businesses, suppliers you have or supplies you may need in the future, the more value we can add in our technical services.

International Reach

We have supported businesses from 28 countries locate manufacturing operations in the Carolinas. This support offers a complex menu of services for the entrepreneur. The process is designed so an entrepreneur can focus on their business while we focus on the expansion requirements. We look forward to the opportunity to meet your growing needs and supporting your success.864-308-2486

Bolstered by a staff of dedicated professionals that includes a translator, our firm is prepared to represent foreign businesses in a broad range of areas. No matter the scope of your legal question or the size of your business, contact a lawyer at our firm to learn more about how we can help you. We believe in building relationships with our clients through efficient communication.

Speak To An Experienced International Business Attorney

A Business Law Firm, LLC, can be reached by phone or by completing our online contact form. Call 864-308-2486 today to schedule an appointment. For the convenience of our international clients, we can schedule a teleconference or a web conference.

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