I found myself in a situation where my identity was mistaken for someone else. I tried to handle the situation on my own but that did not workout. Mr. Gregg and Mr. Belenchia knew exactly what to do. They had my situation resolved quicker than I was expecting. I appreciate their honesty, knowledge, and quickness to my situation.

Michael Robinson

I own a small business. In business, there are always issues to be resolved. Minor emergencies I can handle within the company, however, when I need outside help I keep one number near the phone. Thomas Belenchia has solved what seemed to be major obstacles by providing a steady hand on my behalf and insisting that all parties do what is right. He built trust by listening to my concerns and has supported me in providing protection for my personal and business assets. He supports my business and refers other clients to me in support of my business.
Katie Hicks Roebuck

In late 2007 and early 2008, my family and I were faced with several traumatic events. My husband was deployed in Iraq with his U.S. Army Reserve unit when I required an emergency operation. The medical bills were astronomical, and I could not work for several months.

I had to make several difficult choices concerning the payment of our home mortgage and payment for the operation. I fell behind on my mortgage payments, and the lender started foreclosure proceedings against me.

I contacted the S.C. Bar, and it referred me to an attorney in Spartanburg who handled veterans' legal issues. My attorney's name was Thomas Belenchia, and in our first meeting, I explained that I could not pay him. He told me he was a Vietnam era veteran and that he would take the case and protect my home from foreclosure. Mr. Belenchia told me I did not have to worry about paying him.

Mr. Belenchia was able to save my home, thus giving my husband a home to return to, and he represented me knowing he would not be compensated. And he did it without any fanfare."
Stephanie Sands, Spartanburg, SC

Few people take advantage of the Ride Along Program, which gives people the opportunity to shadow a public safety officer for a full eight hours. When I was a public safety officer, I particularly remember one young man from Italy who, over his six weeks in Spartanburg, chose to ride with me three times. He was studying law in Milan and had never been offered such an experience. He is just one of the many students whom Thomas had given this opportunity.

This is an out-of-the-ordinary demonstration of respect, which as an officer impressed me. Thomas continued to inform me of Marco's progress and still retains a friendship with him today."
Paula Brewster, Enoree, SC

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