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Should you get a copyright to protect your business interests?

There are several different types of legal protections available to small businesses. The specific protections you need depend largely upon the nature of your business and what property could be at stake. One of these protections is a copyright, which could offer your intellectual property a measure of protection against theft and illegal use.

As a small business owner in South Carolina, you may be unsure of which protections you need to have in place. A copyright may not be the best choice for you, but it could allow you to secure certain aspects of your business interests. At the very least, it could be beneficial to explore if a copyright or another step is necessary for your future success.

What does a copyright do?

Simply put, a copyright is a way to protect your intellectual property. There are various types of protections available, and the right choice for you depends largely on the type of IP in question. Copyright protection is particularly beneficial for tangible authored works. This can include books, stage plays, works of art, movies, published papers and more.

An author or creator of a tangible work would be wise to take quick action to ensure that copyright protections are in place. When they are, individuals and businesses may not do any of the following without express permission from the author:

  • Copy or distribute copies of the work to others
  • Reproduce the original work or create other works based on the original
  • Display the work or perform the piece in public 

If you obtain a copyright for your work, you then have the exclusive right to grant permission to use your work or withhold that permission as desired. You also have the right to seek a transfer of copyright ownership in the future if you choose to do so.

A copyright and your business

A copyright could be the right choice for your business. However, there is a particular legal process involved in actually getting the paperwork completed and filed appropriately. Securing the protections you need can be an arduous process, and as a small business owner, you would be wise to seek guidance from the very beginning of this process.

You worked hard on your products and original works, and protecting these valuable assets could be crucial to your business success. You would be wise not to leave it to chance, but to pursue the right measures to ensure your property remains in the right hands.

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