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Clear contract terms may help prevent payment problems

New technology start-up companies in South Carolina face a variety of unique challenges when just starting out. The good news is your dream is well on its way of coming to fruition, and if you are attracting clients, you've already come a long way since the days when your business was merely a thought inside your mind. As an entrepreneur, you understand that clear vision and communication are often keys to success. 

Both are definitely important when it comes to signing service agreements with your clients. How you word the content of such agreements may impact your success (or lack, thereof) of collecting on-time payments from your clients. If you understand the importance of contract terminology and also have support networks in place in case payment problems arise, you'll likely be able to overcome obstacles and build a strong and lasting presence in the internet commerce industry. 

Make contract clarity a high priority 

It's crucial to make sure your vision for a particular project aligns with your client's expectations. Like-mindedness and verbal confirmation are not enough, however, to ensure the project's success -- not to mention payment.

Make sure the details of what you plan to do and what your client expects are clearly stated in your contract. If it's all in writing and you and your client have signed off on it, you can refer to the written contract if a disagreement arises.

Have a process for accommodating special requests

It's easy to fall into a habit of allowing clients to make special requests that don't necessarily align with your already-signed agreement as a project unfolds. If you deviate from your agreed-upon plan, you open the door for end-result complications. 

For example, let's say you agree upon a certain timeline for creating a new website. You get a phone call from your client asking you to put a certain portion of the project on hold. You proceed with the rest of the work, completing it all by the previously agreed deadline in your contract. The deadline comes and goes, but you don't receive any payment. When you call the client about this, they claim you have not completed the project yet.

The bottom line is that taking time to clearly outline what happens if special requests are made can help avoid such problems. At the very least, you can remind the client of the contract's terms and hopefully resolve the issue amicably.

Help for small businesses isn't out of reach

Many start-ups cannot afford to hire a full legal department, at least right away. However, that doesn't mean legal advice is out of reach. Many new business owners maintain contacts with business law firms that focus on small business representation. Such connections mean you have experienced assistance at the ready to draft iron-clad contracts or deal with payment issues and other contract disputes.

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